Your Party Hosts

Please take a moment to meet our Hosts. Its they who make your party a success and we’re happy to introduce them to you.

Our rigorous interviewing process ensures our party hosts are perfectly suited to the role, professionally trained and capable of meeting the high standards of the position. Most importantly, they’re hard workers who to want to make kids happy. This is why we always receive such positive feedback about our staff.

Tiyani Fernando
Name: Tiyani Fernando
Title: Senior Party Host

Tiyani is an experienced senior party host who’s energy, positive attitude and commitment to her job inspires her fellow workers. Tiyani loves every aspect of her job and strives to ensure every child who attends the venue enjoys the very best possible experience possible. Tiyani is a psychology and early education student at Macquarie University.

Aidan Scott
Name: Aidan Scott
Title: Senior Party Host

Aidan is a hard working young man who really enjoys his work. His natural clowning ability and good sense of humour makes Aidan a natural candidate for party host. Aidan is particularly liked by the kids and is regularly requested as a host.

Caitlin Dubler
Name: Caitlin Dubler
Title: Face Painter/Party Host

Caitlin is Circus Factory’s resident face fainter and is consistently producing some of the best face painting available. Caitlin’s passion for art and her attention to detail means her faces are regularly applauded. Caitlin also works as a party host and kitchen manager.

James Fisher
Name: James Fisher
Title: Assistant Party Host

James is a well mannered and hard working host who specialises in running trapeze and other aerial activities. James is patient and dedicated and works hard at ensuring all kids have a positive and memorable aerial experience. James is extremely pleasant and connects well with the kids.

Bella Rose Fonti
Name: Bella Rose Fonti
Title: Assistant Party Host

Bella is a student at Newtown Performing Arts High School where she is an accomplished violinist, dancer and trapeze artist. Bella is a hard worker who loves, playing with kids, dancing and having fun. Bella is a performer at heart and as a result hardly ever complains when asked to perform ‘gross jobs’ like washing up and cleaning up messes.

Sheldon Crossan
Name: Sheldon Crossan
Title: Party Host

Sheldon is our most recent party host and joins our team with an extremely positive and enthusiastic attitude. Sheldon has a great sense of humour, is vivacious, fun and energetic and loves everything about children. A student at St Leo’s College, Sheldon is a conscientious worker who excels in sport aerobics.